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About Us

Silicon Softtech is a Web site design company( a builder of your web site)as well as a development services firm in New Delhi, India. The company is dedicated to providing professional Web site Design Solutions, Web Development, Web Applications, Contract Web Designers, IT Outsourcing etc. to offshore companies at affordable prices.

Silicon Softtech offshore software development agency is comprised of the most talented, skillful and experienced web designers, web site developers & software programmers in india. We unendingly keep track of the latest software technological changes and improvements. We deploy the most advanced web development tools and continue to learn and grow as a team and individuals.

Development of Sophisticated Internet and Intranet Systems
Silicon Softtech is specializes in the development of sophisticated client-server systems to be used in global Internet or Intranet networks. Silicon software technologies deal among other things with internal workflow systems, online storage & backup technologies, and online databases of any complexity (including distributed servers). Special attention is paid to security considerations for such systems. Our specialists are experienced both in developing their own high-level protocols, and in dealing with existing protocols (e.g. we implemented some TCP/IP stack protocols).

Layout and Design of Web Sites (E-commerce Systems)
Layout Design of web sites (Layout Design, Graphic Design, Programming and Development of Web Enabled Software) is a priority direction in the work of our company. We are in the possession of several “know-how” technologies to ensure fast layout of web sites that are identically displayed in all major OS and browsers. Our company is very experienced in creating different extra functions for web sites of any complexity – from sophisticated animation design to complex statistical and e-commerce systems.

Development of Complex Systems under Windows
We have the longest experience in the development of various software under Windows – from sophisticated distributed deeply integrated client-server systems to simple programs to be created in a very short time frame. Our specialists know very well all particular features of all Microsoft OS, they are experienced in device driver and shell extension development, usage of various SDKs and third parties APIs. We also spent quite a lot of time developing sophisticated multimedia user interfaces and image processing technologies.

Implementation of Complicated Algorithmic and Mathematical Solutions
Many clients entrust us with implementation of complex mathematical solutions, because Silicon software technologies have very highly skilled specialists, and charge very moderate fees. We are also experienced in such areas as creation of sophisticated behavioral mathematical models, archiving and encoding/decoding of data, processing and analysis of video streams, image processing.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance
Silicon Softtech has a large testing department that provides testing of all products developed by us. Besides, we offer our customers to outsource to us the testing of their products. We have large experience in testing system utilities under Windows and Unix systems, and also in testing hardware/software aggregates, sophisticated antiviral programs, online systems and web sites.