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Cost Per Lead Campaigns

Marketers can no longer afford to guess when it comes to spending money and generating results for lead generation programs. Silicon Softtech can provide that certainty with our pure performance-based lead generation programs. We are a new kind of company designed to address the needs of marketers who must show direct contributions to revenue.

Silicon Softtech has a diverse network of sites and distribution channels where we can target your offer so it is seen by people who are looking for solutions in your industry. For leads, we can filter your leads so you accept only the ones you want based on your criteria. We will run your ad until you get the results you want.

Easy to Implement
Many lead generation campaigns such as webinars, trade shows, or other events can be very complex, time-consuming, expensive and lead to uncertain lead outputs. The focus of Silicon Softtech is to be simple, cost-effective, and guarantee outcomes.

1-Target your ideal influencers, recommenders, and decision makers
2-Extend the life of existing educational materials
3-Guarantee successful launch of new materials
4-Identify your best leads via custom registration questions
5-Easy to implement with little or no project management
6-Never any upfront fees or hidden fees – You only pay after you have reviewed and accepted leads or we have closed a deal.

As a leading Internet Marketing promotion company, Silicon Softtech (India) provide reasonable specialized Pay Per Lead (PPL) services to its offshore (UK, USA, Ireland, Australia and many more as well as domestic (Indian) consumers. Silicon Softtech (India) is one of the best company of Pay Per Lead Services. We have a huge experience in organization Pay per Lead (PPL) programs for an assortment of clients, and attendance to the most important seminars and conferences has got us to the strength where we can give you the best recommendation on a personalized Pay per Lead (PPL) program for your business..